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New: MB(CDD)

          Mind to Body (Cognitive Dance Development)


           You have always wanted to dance but thought or still think that you wouldn't ever be able to learn it?

            Have you already tried to learn some steps in a special type of dance and feel as if you are still there where you started?
           Then this is the right course for you!

           It is not about learning a dance, it's about learning to dance.

"Body awareness (in this case dance) through cognitive kinetic training is the result of my own research which is founded upon my long teaching experience with students of all ages and levels in a diversity of dance categories". Katia Dalila




Regular tuition, beginners – advanced level:



            Fit as a fiddle through dance.


            Beginners to intermediates. Short workout at the bar.

            Special Center workout regards poise and fine figures.


            Basic principles of Classical Ballet.


            Children experience creativity through kinetics.


             Beginners to intermediates. Lessons will be adapted to pace and stamina of students.



On request:



Registration: Download attached Registrationform, fill it out and send it by E-mail to: info@kd-tanzfortbildung.de



Seminars or private tuition for teachers / teachers in training:



Appearances (I’ll choreograph your appearances/event, with experts or amateurs. See pictures)




Bookings by agreement.
All prices to be negotiated. Every enquiry will be considered. 


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