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My pedagogy encompasses the principles and techniques of the Vaganova School as well as my own concept developed during the course of my daily work and experience with my ballet schools in Altdorf and Ansbach as well as numerous ballet schools in Germany and abroad.


MB (From Mind to Body) The new concept, to teach and learn


After a lengthy preparatory period, I am presenting for the first time, at the Dance Day Rhine-Main 2013, my personal pedagogical concept for dance education for amateurs. I also offer this to dance teachers and dance teachers in training during special seminars.


MB (From Mind to Body) for amateurs


Are you talented and successful? Have you attended several Tango, Salsa and Standard Dance courses, but nevertheless have the feeling that you’re still at the point where you began? Regardless of the kind of dance – sooner or later you’ll become tangled up with yourself, while your mind is struggling in vain to reach your feet, your arms or another part of your body? Don’t give up! I’ll show you the way from mind to body. Find out how you can achieve that.
Depending on what one can input with respect to body control and coordination, it is possible to find a personally appropriate pace for you, so that the conversion from space to time = dance will be tangible.
About the method:
This is a new method of learning to dance that I have developed, which explores and develops the cognitive capabilities of the human body  - your body – so that the information input – e.g. step-by-step or movement – will be your own being. The desired kinetic experience is achieved through cognitive exercises which you choose from the world of dance. If my description still comes across to you like “mumbo-jumbo”, then you urgently need the physical experience!

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